On Good Friday 2013, the seven crew members on board the DSRV La Dignite disappeared in the Sea of Okhotsk. Dr. Elisabeth Mann was among them. “The Undwellable City” is the story of her husband, David, and his attempt to find out what happened. Follow David on his quest by keeping up with his tweets, blog posts, and audio journal as he dives into the deepest, unexplored parts of the North Pacific looking for answers, for love, and for redemption.


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You can participate in “The Undwellable City” through several mediums, beginning October 2. It will first be told through 5 serialized novellas. These limited edition illustrated books are available only online and through the Westwinds book store (www.westwinds.org). They can be purchased individually or in a box set, hand-crafted in walnut and branded with the Queen’s Coral.

Also beginning October 2, you can watch the documentary shorts concerning “The Undwellable City.” The films follows David Mann as he makes public appearances, gives radio interviews, and tells the previously un-published version of events. These ten short films will be available weekly on theundwellablecity.org.

On November 1, the paperback version of the book will be available online, in the Westwinds’ store, and through Amazon.com.

Also on November 1, you can attend a LIVE appearance by David Mann at the Michigan Theatre in Jackson (124 N. Mechanic Street, Jackson, Michigan 49201). Tickets are $5 each, or you can purchase a family pass for $20. Family passes give access to up to 6 people and include a complimentary copy of the paperback novel.

November 1 also marks the beginning of the LIVE ONLINE telling of “The Undwellable City.” The story takes place over roughly 50 days and is told through various digital media. Visitors to theundwellablecity.org will be able to get daily updates from David Mann as though the events of “The Undwellable City” were unfolding in real time via tweets, blog posts, web cam photos, and audio recordings.

December 1 is the release date for both the feature-length documentary film “The Undwellable City” and the book of children’s sketches and illustrations. Filmmaker Davey Buchanan and artist Heidi Rhodes have spent the better part of a year in cooperation with the author to accurately and vividly portray the underwater world. Fans of “The Undwellable City” will want to be sure and obtain copies of these limited-release extras.