I have spent the last two nights with Jonah, slipping in quietly after Liz has fallen asleep in the chair next to him and praying for him until she begins to stir.

Liz never leaves his side, except to use the restroom. Someone brings her meals and drinks. She never speaks. She looks like a ghost. I suspect sometimes that something less than Liz came out of those depths. I wonder what has happened to the woman I used to love.

The first day I was released from my makeshift captivity, I went straight to see Jonah in the medical area. Liz was there and went completely nuts when I entered the room. It took three of the crew to pull her off of me, and I spent another forty-five minutes in an adjacent chamber trying to recover from the damage she did to my left ear. It has been almost entirely chewed off.

Commander Balic tells me the Navy are sending a submarine to retrieve us and bring us back topside. Given our unique circumstances, the Dumbwaiter is not a viable option. We won’t be able to go topside until June 19, though, when our decompression completes. Until then, we are his guests, and I am meant to leave Liz to herself and attend Jonah only when she’s not around.

Since she’s always around, I go when everyone else sleeps to pray.