Ok. I’ve got it figured. The jelly has special properties that allow it to withstand incredible pressure. Not only does it facilitate a gas exchange between our bodies and the surrounding atmosphere, but it also withstands the extant pressures of that atmosphere. The Atlanteans use it to seal their tunnels, but I have also seen them repurpose it. They use it to seal doors. They even use it to seal cuts and open wounds.

We can use it on the Sea Monk.

We can patch the hull and pressurize the sub. This will take some experimentation, but I’m confident it can work. With the pressure we can vent the excess interior atmosphere and allow the ballasts to draw the sub into the water. Chris says the engines are still working, however poorly, but that should be enough for us to surface. Once topside, we can decompress ourselves in the Sea Monk, and we have supplies on board to last for several weeks. We have a desalinator to take care of water and dehydrogenated food we can eat.

Problem solved.

All we need to do now is wait for David to return. I’ll give him six more days. If he doesn’t return by then, we’ll mark this place on our dive log and come back for him with the Coast Guard.

Atlantis can’t stay hidden for another thousand years.