I only have a moment before I have to go, and I’m afraid that in my haste I might leave something out. With luck, I’ll be able to fill in the details later. For now, I’m so worked up I can hardly force myself to write.

After much drama, panic, and an interrupted execution, we have discovered something of fantastical importance for the Atlantean people. I’m immune to the spinefish toxin. So is Lin. We all are. Surface-folk aren’t susceptible. Lin tried to convince our hosts that we need to take some of them home with us so we can culture an antidote or a vaccine or something, but they have the exact opposite idea.

I’m going somewhere with them.

Quickly: the Atlanteans received a visitor today from another colony. He came directly to see me, by fast transport. I hadn’t seen any evidence of automotive or public transport prior to today, but there is a subrail—a kind of Atlantean cable-car—tucked down a long passageway near the volcano.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m going to. That’s why time is so short. I am leaving right now. Only me. To go to the Atlantean capitol. They are all in quite a dither about my immunity to the spinefish toxin. After what I’ve seen here, I don’t blame them. I won’t be able to take my laptop as we’re traveling there in the water, but I’ll take my dictaphone in its  waterproof pouch and do what I can to record my experiences for posterity’s sake.

I still can’t believe he speaks English.