Sebastian is in a coma. It looks temporary, with small probability of any permanent damage. “Dr. Perry” may have given him too much morphine, though she insists she only administered the one dose. Perry will have to be more careful when she leaves medical supplies lying around. Two used needles were found. I don’t like the way she looks at me now. Truth be told, I’m not overly fond of the way I look at myself. I’ve become leery of mirrors.

Maybe I shouldn’t have done what I did. It’s tough to say. A lot of maybes are floating around my brain right now. Like maybe Sebastian should have told me about the black box. Maybe Sebastian should have gone with La Dignite. Maybe I’m doing him a favor by helping him avoid a second definite work of fate.

Like I said, my talent for justification is Pauline. I’m a pro.

I’m a fraud. Even if nobody else knows it, I know it. Joy recognizes fraudulence. She’s abandoned her usual tact of ignoring me and has now become downright hostile. She hisses at me, warning me, shaming me, and reminding me that I may have misrepresented Elisabeth in my memories. Liz would never have agreed to my decisions last night. She would have stopped me in my tracks and told me to get my head on straight. Sebastian needs a hospital. But there are significant risks associated with moving him back to the surface. It’s better if he stays here. Dr. Perry has plenty of equipment on Daedelus, and her team is skilled in dealing with emergency situations.

He can recover. He has to.

Lin is preparing the team for the premiere dive to the sea floor. Sebastian’s coma doesn’t change anything. This expedition is meant to move forward no matter what, and Lin is sure to make it happen. She knows how important this is. Time is money. The world is watching. A lot of eager donors and bloggers and fans are waiting to discover what’s out there. I will help Lin every step of the way.

That’s what Sebastian would want.