The Undwellable City (short film 1)

These short documentary films tell the story of David Mann and his incredible journey to The Undwellable City. Please feel free to share these films via Facebook, on your personal blogs or websites, and in public venues (like worship gatherings or private screenings). For more information on these films contact

The Undwellable City (short film 2)

The UnDwellable City LIVE 30 second commercial


I’d call them sharks if not for their serpentine appearance. They had ridges along their spine, corralling their dorsal fins, and a strange feature on their bottom lip, as though the lower jaw were curled up on itself. Big as trees and saurian-shaped, they writhed through the dark and slammed into the urchin-temple.

Map of the Underwater World


Coral Throne

Heqet seated herself upon a coral throne. She was surrounded by an assortment of prettily ornamented priests, ambassadors, hunters, and farmers. She represented her people, just as she adorned them and displayed them with pride.




The Spinefish Incident

Infected, his eyes were bloodshot and his fingernails were broken off. He shuffled when he walked and his veins showed black through the skin. He yawned and snarled and craned his neck to see who was calling his name. And then, like an animal, he attacked. The others were drawn by the sound, and they joined in the frenzy. No longer fighting among themselves, their ill-attention was fixed upon the girl. They charged her and swarmed her and her cries weren’t those of someone seeking rescue, but of someone protecting their loved ones. She was pleading – please, don’t hurt him, please don’t do this.



We also noticed there were two or three distinct kinds of Atlanteans. There’s one ‘caste’ that carriers itself a little more aggressively, that moves a little more lithely. They’re not any bigger, or look noticeably stronger, but they move like better athletes. I saw one wearing armor. No one treated her any different, not when she emerged from one of the central, larger pools, carrying something that looked like a tire iron, a long spear, and some manner of kick board. And no one especially looked at her as she glided through the market, receiving treats and conversations like all the rest of us.


If I’m not mistaken there were also another group who had gills. This was unique even among the Atlanteans, with long slits behind their jaw line, back against the ear. I didn’t get a close look at these guys, but they did seem to receive a little extra attention. A little more space and some gravity. We saw a few children, and though they were introduced to us and greeted us warmly, I noticed that there really weren’t many of them. Perhaps they’re in school.





Water Demon

Lithe didn’t seem worried, but I noticed the Prince looked particularly uncomfortable when the Queen informed us we were going after the Atar’Atah. “Pincoy,” I began, “what is the Atar’Atah? How would I call it?”


“It is hard to say for you. It is a swimming thing, an angry thing. A demon, I think you might call it.” Great. This thing – loosely translated – means angry water demon.